Councilman Tom Diviny is committed to the taxpayers of Orangetown and their families.

Tom is a lifelong Orangetown resident and a 1988 graduate of Pearl River High School. Tom, a small business owner, married his wife Joy, another lifelong Orangetown resident, and Pearl River High School graduate, in 2006. Tom and Joy live in Pearl River with their two children, Addison and Finn. Tom’s brother Tim, sisters Ellen and Tara, and mother Grace, all live in Rockland.

Since being elected to the Orangetown Town Board in 2009,

this is what Tom has done for the residents of Orangetown.

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  • Kept Orangetown under the New York State imposed 2% tax cap in previous budgets. Since being in office, Tom has been a key part of why the Town Board has never gone over the tax cap.


  • Tom has always been an ardent supporter of the Town of Orangetown Police Department, all the local Fire Departments, and first responders. Without their hard work and sacrifice, Orangetown would not be what it is today. In the midst of the pandemic, Tom came out against a proposal to limit the number of sectors patrolled by the OPD. Due to his efforts, the Orangetown PBA has endorsed Tom in his last three campaigns. Currently, Tom is working with the Tappan Fire Department to take over control of the fire hydrants in the Orangeburg and Tappan fire districts.


  • Tom helped secure the approval of a full-time police officer with the DEA to combat the growing prescription drug epidemic affecting many of our families. Since then, Orangetown has made tremendous strides in combatting this epidemic and has even received drug seizure money.



  • Spearheaded the South Nyack Village Dissolution/Consolidation Plan, while participating in the Zoning and Highway subcommittees.

  • Established a parks fee for non-residents who use Orangetown's beautiful parks and land. These fees contribute to the upkeep of the parks, while not placing the cost on residents. Tom has always been committed to ensuring that Orangetown's parks can be properly enjoyed and that our resources will not be abused by outsiders.


  • Increased high-value tax ratables and jobs within Orangetown.

  • Helped convince Verizon Wireless to remain in Orangetown, when they were considering leaving.

  • Helped to attract businesses such as Chase, Bloomberg, and fifteenfortyseven to invest in data centers and NYC Football Club to open a training facility in the town.

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  • Hired a planner and outside counsel to help with the redevelopment of the HNA property in Palisades with the goal to repurpose this property in a way that is in line with Orangetown’s conservative planning views.

  • Kept the development of the Rockland Psychiatric Center property in accordance with Orangetown's conservative land use development practices.

  • Created a landlord registry that ensures Orangetown's codes and rules are followed, tenants are treated fairly, absentee landlords are held responsible, and that corporate or LLC ownership cannot be used as a mask in our communities.

  • Created a No-Knock registry to prevent aggressive solicitation of home sales and “blockbusting” in our communities.

  • Updated the Town Codes and Regulations, resulting in the increase of the lot size one would need in order to have such a house of worship or school in proportion to the existing zoning, as well as having substantial parking requirements.

  • Created the position of Town Public Health Engineer to better analyze and manage environmental impacts of any potential project in the town, including residential developments.

  • Rejected HUD Community Block grants.

  • Created the Entity Disclosure Law which requires the full disclosure of entities appearing in front of Town Land Use Boards that also insures compliance with Town Codes.

Image by Scott Webb

Tom is committed to keeping the Town of Orangetown as the gem of Rockland County.

With a proven record of accomplishments for the town, he still knows there's work to be done.

Your support enables Tom to share his message of putting taxpayers and their families first, and ensure that our communities will be protected and preserved.

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If re-elected, here's what

Tom plans to do in his next term:

  • With the Town taking over the Village of South Nyack, Tom will to take a leadership role regarding the development of the Nyack College property and will ensure that any construction conforms to Orangetown Planning, Zoning, and Building codes.  

  • Ensure that the HNA Palisades property will be e-develop/purpose this property in a way that is in line with Orangetown’s conservative planning views and community concerns regarding overdevelopment while keeping said property as a viable tax rateable. Tom and the Town Board have already requested proposals from developers interested in the property.

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